Our Services

Rent a car with driver

Rent a car in Chisinau is long used to the advantage of the meeting, including the important foreign guests or partners, you have a wedding or anniversary, or you do not have a driving license! Still, the first advantage is that you can be confident in the classroom machines and personnel reliability. When booking a car with driver, you save yourself from many unnecessary actions and use the time saved to better use.
Advantages of cooperation:

  • Security
  • Punctuality
  • Ease
  • Reliability
  • Online submission
  • New cars leading brands
  • Qualified Personnel
  • Package of additional services
  • Comfortable cars
  • Bonuses and discounts

Terms & Conditions:

  • Payment of car hire services with the provision of the driver can be in cash or non-cash payment by credit card.
  • The cost of rental is individual 24 hour period you are using the vehicle.
  • To rent a car with a driver, you need to make an order for the service at least 24 hours before the estimated time of delivery cars.

We have very attractive prices for rental cars with driver in Chisinau.

Rent for trips abroad

  • Rent a car to travel abroad has its own characteristics, which you should be familiar for earlier before leaving for the journey. The cost of the services again depending on the season, period, and if there is no rental car. Border car rental must end exactly at the specified time, in the case of an extension of time will be required to pay a daily rental fees. Some countries have hourly rates and penalties for exceeding much higher than in Moldova. Drunk driving in some countries you can get into prison.

    Why is convenient to work with us?

    • We have a large selection of cars
    • Individual approach to each client
    • Additional promotions and discounts
    • Reservation cars and FREE delivery anywhere if rental for more than 3 days
    • We offer not only standard designed for a small family and crossovers
    • Also, we offer rental and hire navigators, child safety seats, car refrigerators

    With us is convenient, easy and pleasant to work – enough to fill a form on the website or call the above number and we will promptly we will contact you!

Rent a car for corporate clients

The company «Prim Auto Rent» offers cooperation mutually c corporate clients. With each company we have negotiated special rates, selected individual conditions of rental have legal personality and with a personal manager. Offer for directors, administration, management and guests, making your company, we offer the following services such as hire and rental cars, both for individuals and legal entities. We also provide outsourcing services to companies to build the fleet and its maintenance.

We incur costs:

  • 1. Insurance
  • 2. Payment of the annual vehicle tax
  • 3. Passage scheduled TO
  • 4. Change of wheels on winter -year periods
  • 5. For the comfort and safety of customers, we install navigation and anti-theft system for the tracking and detection of the vehicle.